Wrap Up

11/1/15 18:56
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I'm surprised if anyone's still reading this, honestly. If anyone ever was. But I want to post a wrap up anyway.


I was away from Australia for exactly twenty weeks. The first and last twenty four (ish) hours were travelling. I was in Copenhagen for four days meeting other exchange students going to Scandinavia + Finland. On the fifteenth of August I took a train to my first host family. They hosted me for two and a half months. We didn't get along. I won't go into details, but I left them the Saturday before Höstlov (Autumn holidays), on the twenty fifth of October. I stayed with a temporary family for that week and the Monday after I moved to my local coordinator, the kind Eva Katerina.

I am eternally grateful to her. She was so understanding, and helped me greatly during my time of trouble. I stayed with her for a week, travelling two hours to school and back each day by train, while the company was awaiting some legal forms for my next family. The week after that, Monday the tenth of November, I moved in with them. The mother was Birgitta, the father was Claes and their daughter was Anja, 19. They were really nice to me. The day after the last day of school, Saturday the 20th of December, I took a train up to my grandparents place and spent my first white Christmas with them. The next Sunday I boarded my flight home.

My stay was an emotional roller coaster, with many ups and downs. I don't regret going at all, my Swedish has improved immensely and it was great for the most part. My school was great and not stressful. After I settled down with my last family (before my grandparents), family life was good again. My only regret is not leaving my first family sooner. Maybe the emotional turmoil would not have been so great if I wasn't with them as long.

If things are going badly, don't try to stick it out. Remove yourself from that situation if you can. I could, but I didn't. I stuck it out longer than I needed to, and I only wish I left earlier. I might have had much more better memories, rather than being the losing side of a war.


20/11/14 21:56
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We've started practising for Lucia! It's fun. It's just the Year Nine classes, and our Lucia is going to be the last Lucia ever done by Åbyskolan. I've been showing people that picture of me in Lucia clothes from last year (if you want to see it just ask and I'll email/iMessage it to you considering it's hard to do photos on this site). Also it just takes a maximum of fifteen minutes on the bus now to get to school, much shorter. Also I'm the only one on the bus to school. Anyway, hope you're having fun in Australia and sorry about the lack of update-y-ness
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I went to see a castle thing the other day as well.

Also, I just want everyone to know that I'm feeling a lot happier now. A lot happier
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Today we went to see a live professional innebandy match. It was Linköping vs Warberg. Linköping won 5-1 (or 6-1, can't remember). I was amazed at the control they had, considering when I've played it was a case of swinging your club and hoping for the best. And the ball goes everywhere when I play. It was really fun
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On Sunday, my contact person, Eva Katarina, organised a thing where all the exchange students and their families go to her place and have a fika and get together. My family couldn't come, because they had a horse riding competition, so I rode the bus in. I got there earlier than everyone and left later then everyone.

It was all really fun, but that's not what this post is about. At about six thirty in the evening, Eva and I started to drive to the bus stop. Her husband, Jonas, warned us that it may break down, and break down it did. So we walked back to the house (if we walked to the bus stop I would have missed the bus anyway) and I had to stay the night.

Monday morning, a neighbour was kindly able to drive me to the bus stop so I could get back, but it was a fun adventure.

Also on Tuesday was a swimming day. First we did dance, street dance, and then modern, and then we got into groups and made our own dance. I never really saw what the others did, because she made it so we performed it all at the same time together. I liked that. Then we did survival swimming with clothes. The last thing we did was dive in, swim to the other end, rescue the dummy from the bottom and get out. I was the only one who did freestyle, everyone else did breaststroke.

And yesterday, Friday, we had a test in Food. It was great, because first we cooked something we were allowed to eat during the test.


15/10/14 17:12
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I may or may not update what's been happening, but today in English, we had to choose a subject for a project. I chose, surprise surprise, netball. And since I was reading the Wikipedia page in Swedish, it mentioned that Sweden has one netball club, Stockholm Netball Club, and it was founded by an Australian in May 2008. So Linn, you can totally play in Stockholm on Wednesday nights when you come back to Sweden, right?
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I really need to come up with more interesting titles.

Since last Friday, the internet broke down, which of course meant lots of stuff happened that I wanted to tell you about

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So today between Food and French, around a quarter to two, an ear-splitting shriek occurred. Everyone outside the French and German rooms put their fingers to their ears, picked up their stuff, and began walking down the corridor. I had no idea what was going on, so I followed. Halfway down the corridor, I realised that it might be a fire alarm. I much prefer Albert Park's fire alarm, because it isn't a high pitched, piercing, constant sound.

Anyway, we got to the grassy area at the front of the school where we have our sport lessons. The sport class was the only group of students to get there before us. As we watched students just walked calmly without teacher direction to the grassy area, showing it is possible. We also lined up in class lines. Everyone exchanged stories (I thought someone was screaming/I thought it was a whistle/It was so loud etc), while I asked the girl next to me if this was the whole school. It was. I knew it was small, but seeing everyone in front of me really made it hit home that yes, one year level at APC has more students than Åby's whole school.

Niklas, one of my teachers came and counted us, everyone asking him what happened. Suddenly we heard the siren of a fire truck, and everyone was suddenly quiet, thinking "wait, this is real". As soon as we saw the fire truck, I began explaining the two times this has happened to me before, once in Year Seven and once earlier this year. Marianne said afterwards that their teacher dumped them off (somehow they were in a car bus thing) and drove away, and three minutes came back in the fire truck (because he's also a fire fighter).

After this point all our order collapsed. As one, we all surrounded Niklas asking questions, and then, still as one, walked to the shade of the tree. At this point it became like lunchtime would be if the whole school had it at the same time and had to stay on the grass.

After a while, a fire fighter came out, and all the students cheered and clapped (after all, we were missing our last lesson of the day). The fire fighter spoke to a teacher and went back inside, and the sport class began asking if they could go and shower now. After another ten ish minutes, with ten minutes left of the school day, the all clear was given, the sport class could shower and change, and the rest of us could go to our lockers, get our bags, and leave.

So, in Year Seven, the food class burned fish. Earlier this year the food class burned chicken, I think. This time, it's rumoured that a boy in Year Eight pressed the fire button, calling the alarm. The scary thing is, we could smell smoke anyway...
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So. What's happened? Normal life stuff, I guess. Two weekends ago Marianne and Lovisa had a horse jumping competition thing. That was fun, they both got a first. Last weekend I took a train up to Farmor and Farfar's and spent a few days with them. That was also fun. If you want more details, just ask
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And this time you haven't heard from me because I've been lazy and also nothing major has really happened.

I think I'm settling in to life here, but I still sometimes miss you all like crazy. On Tuesday we had school photos. The class I'm in is the opposite of my class last year. Last year was six girls and fourteen boys, this year we have seven boys and sixteen girls, so pretty much the opposite.

In English on Friday, Åsa, my teacher, asked me to talk about about school life in Australia to the class. She encouraged questions, but no one really asked anything (I think they were shy of their English, since that's the language they would have had to ask in). After class however, some people came up to me and asked me questions (in Swedish), so I knew I wasn't speaking too quickly or anything. One of the girls, Jenny, said "you speak really good English" and I just said "I hope so, it is my first language" and then her friend, Amanda, said to her "you speak really good Swedish." We all laughed at that.

I don't know what else to say. Questions, please (here or email, I don't care), so I can tell you more


25/8/14 17:46
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I've been busy the entire weekend, that's why you haven't heard from me

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Yup. Yesterday was when I went to school and actually did classes. And those breaks between classes on the timetable? That's to go to your locker to put your stuff away and get your stuff for your next class. You don't take stuff from one class to another.

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Since you don't know when I reply, (because you're anonymous and don't have accounts), I suggest you check the previous post to see if I've replied. Especially since school just finished in Australia, and you need something to do, so check the replies from the previous post!
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Hello! Today was my first day of school.Read more... )

So yeah, I'm having fun. Let's see how school tomorrow is! Also, please comment. Asking anything, talking about anything, I just want to talk. (What does the timetable mean? Is horse riding hard? Do you miss Australia?) Anything!
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So, I haven't mentioned anything for a while now. Welp. So I'm going to update you under the cut. Also, please ask questions about anything

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Yesterday, we had an orientation session for a few hours, doing lots of activities. Then we went to Tivoli, the amusement park place - Copenhagen's Luna Park. Except Tivoli is the oldest in Europe. My friends and I didn't go on any rides, we were all really tired, and walking around was really pretty. Dinner was at a Japanese place, it was really yummy. We could choose to go back to the hostel at nine or ten, I chose nine. Once we were back, I was getting ready for bed, and fell asleep before they turned the lights out. I always seem to be going to bed early and waking up early (although going to sleep at ten isn't early, it was the earliest of any of us).

I'm having fun at the camp, but I can't wait until tomorrow, when I get to meet my host family in person, and really start my exchange
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So, after pretty much exactly 24 hours of flying (and waiting at airports) I'm done. Until December, anyway.

The first flight was Melbourne to Hong Kong, nine and a half hours. Then Hong Kong to Helsinki, ten and a half hours. Then Helsinki to Copenhagen, about an hour. It was really tiring. At "nine am" I was exhausted and ready for bed, however, I'm awake now.

Once we arrived, we waited about two hours for another person to arrive, they didn't though. We went to the hostel (another Explorius person was staying there, to get the people arriving later in the day), left our luggage in the lobby (since check in wasn't until 2pm) and went sightseeing. It was really interesting, and very similar to other Swedish cities I've been to. We had lunch at McDonalds, because everything else was expensive, and we have to buy our own lunch, but breakfast and dinner is included in the camp).

We came back right on 2 o'clock, where we each were given our room, key, and information package. The rooms mix up nationalities, so so far I'm with two Germans and a Thai girl (one of the Germans is going Sweden, the other two girls are staying here in Denmark). We are on floor 11, and the view is amazing
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Today was my last day of school in Australia this year. We had a party after school. We ate a lot of food, played Ninja (I can't remember who won out of Lydia or Ash, though), played Duck, Duck, Goose (which people failed at, running to the food instead of around the circle), and talked. And hugged. A lot of people were quite sad and emotional giving me the final hug. Remember, guys, you'll see me next year. I'll be back in 140 days (as of Monday). I'm not gone forever. I'm coming home soon.

Anyway, all day at school, I was just smiling, I was so happy. I was stupidly happy, smiling and not knowing what to do. I'm just so excited, only three days left to go!

Don't forget to comment, guys. I don't care if what you say has nothing to do with what I said. This is going to be my primary form of communication (after email). You need to get used to using it. Please. Also, don't forget to sign each message (assuming you have more), not just your first one. Thanks!