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And this time you haven't heard from me because I've been lazy and also nothing major has really happened.

I think I'm settling in to life here, but I still sometimes miss you all like crazy. On Tuesday we had school photos. The class I'm in is the opposite of my class last year. Last year was six girls and fourteen boys, this year we have seven boys and sixteen girls, so pretty much the opposite.

In English on Friday, ├ůsa, my teacher, asked me to talk about about school life in Australia to the class. She encouraged questions, but no one really asked anything (I think they were shy of their English, since that's the language they would have had to ask in). After class however, some people came up to me and asked me questions (in Swedish), so I knew I wasn't speaking too quickly or anything. One of the girls, Jenny, said "you speak really good English" and I just said "I hope so, it is my first language" and then her friend, Amanda, said to her "you speak really good Swedish." We all laughed at that.

I don't know what else to say. Questions, please (here or email, I don't care), so I can tell you more
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Hi Anya
lovely to Skype on Saturday. Did you go horseriding again this weekend? And is the weather starting to get cooler?
Love Mum
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We lost 5:35! I was shooter one quarter - didn't get near ball. I practised shooting in the park - problem is getting the ball and yourself in the right position! We played well, but they were so much better. It was Miss Barber's team - she played GA. I was GK most of the game. Love Mum

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hey anya!!
I have a question... it's not really relevent to this though... have you finished more than this? Is it good? Do you hate it? Noooooo!! .... I ramble, sorry

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sorry, forget to write my name at the bottom of whatever it is... but I think you know it's me...em


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