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It's been a few days now, so I'm going to continue the story.

So we waited. We waited for months, actually. While we waited, we sort of decided that maybe we should host a Swedish student. We were so late, there were hardly any left, so we were lucky we got Linn!

When I found out that I had been placed (ie got a host family) I was overjoyed. I was literally jumping up and down, not knowing what to do, because I was so excited. I alternated between nearly touching the ceiling because of how high I was jumping, and giving really tight, excitable hugs. And then I looked at the thing.

So, I'm going to a family in southern Sweden. It's a little village called Edsbruk, and I have to take a bus to go to school in the next village, Gamleby. The closest city is Norrkoping. My host dad is called Erik, when we spoke to him on Skype, he was just like my own Pappa, which confirms my belief that all Swedish males are the same, always cracking dad jokes. My host mum is Ingrid, which is kind of funny, since my sister's name is also Ingrid (and Linn's Farmor is Ingrid). I'm guessing Ingrid is a common Swedish name? My host sisters are Marianne and Lovisa, aged 13 and 11 respectively. According to the thing I got, they enjoy hunting, skiing, horse riding, att går förr promenade, and stuff like that.

I'm really excited that a family wants to take me, and I get to learn how to horse ride. I'll need to remind Erik that program rules are that I'm not allowed to buy, shoot, or hold a gun. So I can't do the hunting, but I'll come along anyway. It'll be fun.

Yesterday, we went to the market to buy presents for them. Real Aussie presents. For the girls, there's a toy kangaroo (kängaroo på Svenska) with a cork hat, vest, joey in the pouch and a flag. There's also a koala, with two babies, one on the front, and one on the back, and a flag. Erik has a boomerang, it's painted, but it's an actual returning boomerang (if it's thrown properly. Otherwise it's a stick). When we went to Central Australia, we bought some Aboriginal art pieces for ourselves, and also one for my host family. We sort of decided the girls and Erik might get bored by it, so that why we got them their own presents.

Only fifteen days to go now!
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