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On Sunday, my contact person, Eva Katarina, organised a thing where all the exchange students and their families go to her place and have a fika and get together. My family couldn't come, because they had a horse riding competition, so I rode the bus in. I got there earlier than everyone and left later then everyone.

It was all really fun, but that's not what this post is about. At about six thirty in the evening, Eva and I started to drive to the bus stop. Her husband, Jonas, warned us that it may break down, and break down it did. So we walked back to the house (if we walked to the bus stop I would have missed the bus anyway) and I had to stay the night.

Monday morning, a neighbour was kindly able to drive me to the bus stop so I could get back, but it was a fun adventure.

Also on Tuesday was a swimming day. First we did dance, street dance, and then modern, and then we got into groups and made our own dance. I never really saw what the others did, because she made it so we performed it all at the same time together. I liked that. Then we did survival swimming with clothes. The last thing we did was dive in, swim to the other end, rescue the dummy from the bottom and get out. I was the only one who did freestyle, everyone else did breaststroke.

And yesterday, Friday, we had a test in Food. It was great, because first we cooked something we were allowed to eat during the test.


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