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I really need to come up with more interesting titles.

Since last Friday, the internet broke down, which of course meant lots of stuff happened that I wanted to tell you about

On Monday Marianne and I were in a crash. We went into the ditch, and Lovisa was so scared that she jumped off her bike. So Marianne and I saw her lying on the ground, and thought we hit her. We were fine, the Ranger is fine, all's good. But we were scared, and the other two lightened up a bit when I started saying:

Prästens lille kråka
Skull ut och åka
Ingen har det Hans som kör det
Så en slanke hit
Och en slanke dit
Och en slanke ner i diket

Also on Monday we started playing innebandy. It's really fun, and has few rules. It felt good doing a sport after school again.

This week was the first week of PRAO, which is work experience. I've been working at the riding school, and it is Hard Work. My arms are sore everyday, but it's good for me.

And tonight Åbyskolan has a disco thing, from seven until midnight. So I'm going to be really tired tomorrow.

And please, email me!

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3/10/14 23:43 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] scoble_hansen
I'm glad everyone is ok from the crash. And then you coming up with Prästens Lilla Kråka was just awesome!


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6/10/14 19:37 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] scoble_hansen
Regarding a title... How about "Prästens Lilla Kråka"?


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