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So today between Food and French, around a quarter to two, an ear-splitting shriek occurred. Everyone outside the French and German rooms put their fingers to their ears, picked up their stuff, and began walking down the corridor. I had no idea what was going on, so I followed. Halfway down the corridor, I realised that it might be a fire alarm. I much prefer Albert Park's fire alarm, because it isn't a high pitched, piercing, constant sound.

Anyway, we got to the grassy area at the front of the school where we have our sport lessons. The sport class was the only group of students to get there before us. As we watched students just walked calmly without teacher direction to the grassy area, showing it is possible. We also lined up in class lines. Everyone exchanged stories (I thought someone was screaming/I thought it was a whistle/It was so loud etc), while I asked the girl next to me if this was the whole school. It was. I knew it was small, but seeing everyone in front of me really made it hit home that yes, one year level at APC has more students than Åby's whole school.

Niklas, one of my teachers came and counted us, everyone asking him what happened. Suddenly we heard the siren of a fire truck, and everyone was suddenly quiet, thinking "wait, this is real". As soon as we saw the fire truck, I began explaining the two times this has happened to me before, once in Year Seven and once earlier this year. Marianne said afterwards that their teacher dumped them off (somehow they were in a car bus thing) and drove away, and three minutes came back in the fire truck (because he's also a fire fighter).

After this point all our order collapsed. As one, we all surrounded Niklas asking questions, and then, still as one, walked to the shade of the tree. At this point it became like lunchtime would be if the whole school had it at the same time and had to stay on the grass.

After a while, a fire fighter came out, and all the students cheered and clapped (after all, we were missing our last lesson of the day). The fire fighter spoke to a teacher and went back inside, and the sport class began asking if they could go and shower now. After another ten ish minutes, with ten minutes left of the school day, the all clear was given, the sport class could shower and change, and the rest of us could go to our lockers, get our bags, and leave.

So, in Year Seven, the food class burned fish. Earlier this year the food class burned chicken, I think. This time, it's rumoured that a boy in Year Eight pressed the fire button, calling the alarm. The scary thing is, we could smell smoke anyway...
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