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I've been busy the entire weekend, that's why you haven't heard from me

So, on Friday we had a special excursion to VĂ€stervik. We were going to look at a museum and go scuba diving. It would've been really fun. Except at 11:30, Erik had to pick me up (and Marianne and Lovisa on the way) and go home, so we could drive to Stockholm. We stayed the night in Stockholm, so Ingrid and Erik did some stuff they had to do. We had dinner at a really nice Thai place.

We then drove to Uppsala to our Vandrahem, which was much nicer than our hotel room (since the whole hotel was under construction, and Vandrahems are generally really nice places). We got ready for the wedding (a friend of Ingrid's and some man), I was wearing a really pretty dress that Mum bought for herself 25 years ago or something in Italy. I like that dress.

The wedding was nice, I guess, if you enjoy sitting in a church while a priest babbles on in Swedish. This wedding was much more formal than Cath and Gorden's, I enjoyed theirs much more. After the actually wedding part, we went to the reception, and it was still very formal. There were long tables, with white tablecloths, candles, and other decorations. And two wine glasses, one champagne class, and one water glass per person. And we all had assigned seats. Cath and Gorden's wedding last year was much more relaxed and casual, so therefore more enjoyable, I think.

After midnight, we went home and went to bed, getting up at 10 am. We had breakfast at eleven, and had three hours to kill before a lunch at the couple's house. We went sightseeing around Uppsala, and at the castle I went straight to the aimed at the cathedral. Do you remember that story I told you?

The food at the lunch was smorgastÄrta. Yuck. It was horrible. Marianne said that she's had it before and it tasted nice, but this one was horrible. Luckily there were chocolate macaroons for desert. And luckily we had breakfast less than three hours before. Oh, the bride and groom were called Cornelia and Anders (I kept on thinking Cornelia and Agnus in my head whoops).

After the lunch, we finally drove home and arrived really late, went to bed, and then to school. I had science for the first time today, it's really fun!
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