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Long post, under cut

Yesterday was school again. Only new subject was French. You know how I've mentioned that I sometimes accidentally speak Swedish during French in Australia? Well, now it feels weird, because it's only Swedish and French we speak. And as I mentioned in one of the replies to the previous post, there are only seven kids in the class, three from 9A (my class) and four from 9B. I like having a small class.

After school we had to wait two hours for the bus. That's because the last class didn't happen (which, as far as I gather, is a bit like homework club), and the school didn't tell the bus thing. So school finished at two ish, and we didn't get home until five ish. Oh well.

After school yesterday, Lovisa and I went horse riding again. It was great! Lovisa's a great teacher, she taught me how to actually make Devito listen to me. That meant that I could trot for several laps without him slowing to a walk, unlike the previous time. Marianne came out later (didn't ride, just watched), and tried to teach me how to gallop. Galloping didn't work, and we think that's because I'm to heavy for him to gallop. He's just a little horse. But that's ok, I'm happy with just walking and trotting.

Today in school we had an excursion to Västervik, a nearby town. Halfway through the day, Erik picked me up, then Marianne and Lovisa, and took us home. We packed up the car and drove to Stockholm. I am now in a hotel in Stockholm. One of Ingrid's friends is getting married tomorrow, just outside of Uppsala, and we are attending the wedding. We are staying here the entire weekend, because Ingrid and Erik have stuff to do in Stockholm. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
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