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Yup. Yesterday was when I went to school and actually did classes. And those breaks between classes on the timetable? That's to go to your locker to put your stuff away and get your stuff for your next class. You don't take stuff from one class to another.

My first class was English. Pretty much the whole lesson was taken in English, which was good for me. I just had to remember to speak slowly... It was funny, 'cause we had to talk about our summer holidays, and I said something like "It's winter in Australia. I can't remember what I did in summer six months ago. So what I did in the four weeks before this was go to school." I also mentioned what I did in the winter holidays, once I remembered, that is. Every time I mention it being winter in Australia, I get asked if there's snow. There isn't.

Then I had music. The teacher played classical pieces and we had to see if we recognised them. It was good, because the teacher spoke slowly, so I could understand a lot of what he said.

Then I had maths. This teacher spoke quickly, but I was sorta able to figure out what he was talking about (first symmetry, then nets for cubes). We got given a worksheet to do, which was fine, except I had no idea what cl was. And I had to change 500 cl to litres. They are centilitres, so sorta like centimetres but for litres. 500 cl is 5 L. They also had something called hg, hectograms. One hectogram is 100 g. When we talk about capacity, we just use litres and millilitres, weight we just talk about grams and kilograms. It's only length we use confusing mm, cm, m, km, etc. They have those for all! Oh well

Then I had Swedish. Which was hard because the teacher spoke fast a lot of the time again. Gah.

Then I had SO. We spoke about politics. In Sweden, you don't have to vote, only if you want to. Is Australia the only country where voting is compulsory, and you get fined if you don't?

Ah well. I'm missing you guys
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