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Hello! Today was my first day of school. It took an hour by two buses to get there, so definitely different to what I'm used to. It felt weird everyone in casual clothes too, but oh well. First, the teachers went through what's going to happen this week, gave us our timetable, and some papers, and so on. Then we had "rast" och en "fika", which was icecream, while four girls showed me around the school. I think two of the names were Evalina and Nova.

Ă…byskolan, the name of my school, is much bigger than APC, but has much less kids. There's only six classes in the entire school though, very different from Albert Park's eight per year level. I am in 9A, and this is my timetable. There's breaks between every single class, and each class and break is at a different time and of a different duration to the rest. So to anyone at APC who complains about not remembering their timetable, remember that each class starts and ends at the same time each day, so it is actually easier for you.

Everyone spoke Swedish very quickly, so it was hard to follow along, but I dread to think what the first day of school is like for those who can speak even less of their host country's language than I can. Anyway, after rast, we went into the wood room and made kites. I was extremely confused, because they called them "draken", which means dragon. Marianne told me when we got home that draken is also used for kites, because they both fly. After we made the kites, it was 11:20, and school was over. However, tomorrow we start with timetabled classes.

Yesterday, we rode the horses again, and Marianne and Lovisa taught me how to trot. They said I did really well, however, it was extremely difficult to get Devito to speed up. It took a whole lap to get him to trot for only a few metres, then he slowed down again. Oh well, it was fun anyway. It was also raining while we did this, but whatever. After dinner, we drove in the quad bike thing to see the oak that was struck by lightning. It was cool.

So yeah, I'm having fun. Let's see how school tomorrow is! Also, please comment. Asking anything, talking about anything, I just want to talk. (What does the timetable mean? Is horse riding hard? Do you miss Australia?) Anything!
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