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So, I haven't mentioned anything for a while now. Welp. So I'm going to update you under the cut. Also, please ask questions about anything

So, on Thursday we had a bus tour around Copenhagen, and after lunch had a walking tour around Christiania. Friday was the day we all left for our host families. I got on the train at 11:30 ish and arrived in Norrköping at 3:30 ish. Ingrid (mum), Marianne, Lovisa (sisters) and their friend Annie were there to meet me. We drove to Söderköping to an icecream parlour. The icecreams were huge! And delicious. We dropped Annie off at her house and drove to the summer cottage.

The summer cottage is perhaps 30 metres from the water, the Baltic Sea. The water is a tiny bit salty, but not too much. It's lagom. We went swimming, and saw the horses, and met an uncle. Not necessarily in that order (can't remember the order). The uncle's name is Per. There are two white horses and a black one. The black one, Ellie, is Lovisa's, the big white one, Shakira, is Marianne's, and the small white one, Devito, belongs to both of them. I am going to ride Devito, Vito for short. We had dinner across the water, and watched the sun go down. It was lovely. Oh, and Erik, the dad, came home before then.

Yesterday, I woke up early, and after a little iPading, I got dressed and looked outside. The water looked really beautiful, so I went back and changed into my bathers and went swimming. I was gone for a while, so I went back to the cottage, but Ingrid, Marianne and Lovisa were still asleep (Erik was awake but had gone somewhere, I don't know where). I then Skyped my family while they woke up.

After breakfast (10:30 ish!) we packed up and set off. I was promised that we would ride the horses yesterday, but that didn't happen. We were too slow. There was a party at one of Ingrid's friend's places.

Today we are definitely going to ride the horses (I hope). We had a late breakfast again, though. After I finish this, I'll change into jeans and see what I can do to help get ready.

School will start on Tuesday, I'm really looking forward to it. Hope you're having fun doing whatever you're doing in Melbourne!
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