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11/1/15 18:56
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I'm surprised if anyone's still reading this, honestly. If anyone ever was. But I want to post a wrap up anyway.


I was away from Australia for exactly twenty weeks. The first and last twenty four (ish) hours were travelling. I was in Copenhagen for four days meeting other exchange students going to Scandinavia + Finland. On the fifteenth of August I took a train to my first host family. They hosted me for two and a half months. We didn't get along. I won't go into details, but I left them the Saturday before Höstlov (Autumn holidays), on the twenty fifth of October. I stayed with a temporary family for that week and the Monday after I moved to my local coordinator, the kind Eva Katerina.

I am eternally grateful to her. She was so understanding, and helped me greatly during my time of trouble. I stayed with her for a week, travelling two hours to school and back each day by train, while the company was awaiting some legal forms for my next family. The week after that, Monday the tenth of November, I moved in with them. The mother was Birgitta, the father was Claes and their daughter was Anja, 19. They were really nice to me. The day after the last day of school, Saturday the 20th of December, I took a train up to my grandparents place and spent my first white Christmas with them. The next Sunday I boarded my flight home.

My stay was an emotional roller coaster, with many ups and downs. I don't regret going at all, my Swedish has improved immensely and it was great for the most part. My school was great and not stressful. After I settled down with my last family (before my grandparents), family life was good again. My only regret is not leaving my first family sooner. Maybe the emotional turmoil would not have been so great if I wasn't with them as long.

If things are going badly, don't try to stick it out. Remove yourself from that situation if you can. I could, but I didn't. I stuck it out longer than I needed to, and I only wish I left earlier. I might have had much more better memories, rather than being the losing side of a war.


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