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So, after pretty much exactly 24 hours of flying (and waiting at airports) I'm done. Until December, anyway.

The first flight was Melbourne to Hong Kong, nine and a half hours. Then Hong Kong to Helsinki, ten and a half hours. Then Helsinki to Copenhagen, about an hour. It was really tiring. At "nine am" I was exhausted and ready for bed, however, I'm awake now.

Once we arrived, we waited about two hours for another person to arrive, they didn't though. We went to the hostel (another Explorius person was staying there, to get the people arriving later in the day), left our luggage in the lobby (since check in wasn't until 2pm) and went sightseeing. It was really interesting, and very similar to other Swedish cities I've been to. We had lunch at McDonalds, because everything else was expensive, and we have to buy our own lunch, but breakfast and dinner is included in the camp).

We came back right on 2 o'clock, where we each were given our room, key, and information package. The rooms mix up nationalities, so so far I'm with two Germans and a Thai girl (one of the Germans is going Sweden, the other two girls are staying here in Denmark). We are on floor 11, and the view is amazing

Lovely views over Copenhagen

12/8/14 22:06 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] scoble_hansen
Looks like a terrific place, right in the centre of town. Enjoy your orientation!


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